Baring It All

About 2 years ago, I revealed that I wore a wig. I thought it was time to finally bare it all. It was a huge moment in my life because I finally realized that I was not defined by anything but who I choose to be and I no longer chose to live in fear. I no longer chose to attach myself or my self worth on what others thought of me. Most importantly, I chose to no longer judge myself based on anything. I chose to just be me and love me.

Well, over the last couple of years, I have spoken openly about my hair (or lack thereof) as well as talked openly in many videos about my new wigs, etc. But the one thing I haven’t done is sit in my truth. In my physical truth. It’s easy to talk about how I accept me and how I love me but then still hide under my hats or under my wigs. Now I don’t feel that I owe anyone anything, but today, this day, I wanted to sit fully and wholly in my TRUTH. And that truth doesn’t sit under a wig or hat. That truth sits at home walking around just like this. That truth knows that I am not my hair or my weight or my insecurities. That truth knows my wholeness and celebrates it here and right now with you.

With Love,

shari star



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