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5 Ways to Experience Joy!

Affirmation Wk of 2/24/20 – 3/1/20

What Exactly is an Affirmation? According to the English American […]

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Red Nails

It’s been a rough one. A beautiful one. One filled with love, heartbreak, longing, feeling lost, feeling found, moments of confusion and great revelations. I’m at Starbucks. It’s raining outside which is super rare in LA, but I decided to come here because I need to be surrounded by life. Headphones are on right now and I have tears streaming down my face. Listening [...]

Crawling into 2017

I’m not ready. There, I said it. As we are on the cusp of the new year, I realize that I don’t feel ready yet. I feel like I’m hiding behind and holding onto the legs of 2016 and being nudged (shoved) forward into the 2017. These past few months have made me realize that I haven’t been dealing with some stuff I need [...]

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Tips on How to Live Your Greatest Life

Stop hiding. Stop playing small. Stop thinking that you aren't good enough to show up in this world. You were born and that is reason enough to stand out.

You Are Enough

You are enough. Who you are, right in this very moment is beautiful. Don't ever feel that by being vulnerable that you are any less than. What makes you beautiful is your truth, your honesty, and your willingness to be seen as who you are. You are seen. You are appreciated. You are valued. If you don't ever feel any of those things when [...]

The Courage to Live

It's so interesting how we hold on so tight to something, someone, or some idea out of fear that if we let it or them go, we will somehow go without or be left alone. Today, I want to challenge you to summon up the courage that lies deep within you so that you ultimately can lead the life you know you are meant [...]

Delays Do Not Mean Denials

So here we are, about 2 weeks into the new year and all those resolutions, goals, and promises that you've made yourself are either really working for you or you are finding yourself starting to revert back to your old ways. Things might seem difficult, so you aren't trying as hard or you're starting to doubt yourself and maybe even thinking about giving up [...]

Looking Within

    I spent so many years looking to others, towards other 'things' and accomplishments to define my worth. I looked to others to say how strong or smart or good I was. Until one day, I saw myself. Truly saw myself. I now no longer needed to look outside for what has always been on the inside. I hope you take the time [...]

I’m A Failure

You've been hurt, betrayed and disappointed. You've shown up to life and yet it seems that you've been knocked down over and over again. You swear to yourself that this is it! You're done loving and you're done trying. "I'm just a failure", you tell yourself. Let me tell you something about failure.  Failure is a word for those who don't show up to [...]

Hiking with Shari: 1 Easy Tip to Live More Happily

Most people think that life has to be challenging or difficult to live the life we dream of. In this Hiking with Shari episode, I share 1 easy tip that helped me find my path to live more happily! I hope that my journey helps inspire yours. Tell me some tips that you've learned along your own path that have helped you live a [...]

Tips To Help You Get On the Right Path

Sometimes things don’t go as expected. Dreams you have keep seeming to elude you each time you try to reach out for them. The person you thought would always be there for you or simply love you the way you hoped to be loved, just isn’t showing up in that way. The job you thought you wanted just doesn’t hold the joy you thought [...]

Hiking with Shari: Go Do It!

In this short video, I encourage you to stop waiting and to start doing. Click link below to watch video.

Hiking with Shari: Stop Running

Are you ready to finally face your wounds and stop running from them? Click link below to watch short video and walk away ready to start living and loving your life.

Hiking with Shari: Time To Soar

Click on link below to watch short video and walk away ready to fly!


In this short video, I remind you of what is truly important and how you can achieve that by simply remembering to enjoy life! Click on link below to watch video.

Hiking with Shari: Your Soul is Rooting For You!

In this short video, Shari encourages us to look within to find that our true strength lies within our very soul. Click link below to watch video.


Click on link below to watch this short inspirational video guaranteed to make you feel better!

Baring It All

In this short video, I decide to stop hiding and bare it all. Click on link below to watch video.

MINUTE MOTIVATION: Trust Yourself (Not Me)

In this day and age with so much information available to us at anytime, we often get so used to searching out the answers outside of us, instead of learning to trust yourself that we already have the answers. In this short video, I encourage you to start trusting yourself, your own gut, that you already know what actions to take to get you [...]

How To Face A Storm

Things aren't perfect. My relationship isn't perfect. My job isn't perfect. My health isn't perfect. What's perfect, however, is the fact that I'm okay with all of that. I mean, I get frustrated at times because, well, I'm human (gasp) but I quickly remember that life is constantly changing and growing and maybe instead of blaming the world or my partner or cursing God [...]


We often get so wrapped up in what others think of us that we don't even know how we feel about ourselves anymore. Enough with worrying about the world and who does or doesn't like you! At the end of the day, you are spending your life with YOU each and every day, so bald, fat, skinny, hairy, shy, talkative, etc., time to embrace [...]


In this 60 second video, I remind you that where you are, who you are, and where you're going is okay! You are okay! Click link below to walk away inspired.

MINUTE MOTIVATION: Listen To Your Inner Voice

In this 1 minute video inspiration, I encourage you not to listen to everyone else's opinion and to follow your own inner voice. Click on link below to watch video.

MINUTE MOTIVATION: Don’t Forget to Breathe

In this Minute Motivation video below, I encourage you to appreciate the simple yet miraculous gift we've been given - our breath. Click on link below to watch video.

MINUTE MOTIVATION: Your Vulnerability is Beautiful

In this 1 minute inspirational video, I speak about being who you are and being proud of ALL that you are. Click on link below to watch video.

MINUTE MOTIVATION: Connecting Within

In today's video, I encourage you to find yourself back in connection by going within. Click on link below to watch video.

My Big Secret

In this video, I gained the courage to reveal a secret about myself that was holding me back from really living a truthful and carefree life.


In this 1 minute video, I encourage you to step into your awesomeness! Click on link below to watch video.

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Minute Motivation: Living Life Fully

In today's short video inspiration, I encourage you to stop waiting for life and to start living it! Click link below to watch video.

Minute Motivation: You Beat the Odds!

It was quite a feat to create you! I would say that pretty much makes you a miracle! Click link below to watch this 1 minute video motivation.

5 Things I’ve Learned Being A Grownup

I was sitting on my couch this morning, enjoying my cup of coffee and I was thinking what a perfect moment it was. It got me thinking about how much more I appreciate life at this age and how much easier it has gotten since I've turned 40. I remember being a teenager and thinking how old 40 sounded  and now that I am, [...]

Standing on the Edge of the New Year

As the new year approaches, I know a lot of people start getting worked up over what they "think" the new year has to be for them. What they "think" they need. As somebody who didn't make any specific resolutions last year EXCEPT to wake up everyday and do and give my best, surround myself with good people, go after whatever it is that [...]

Minute Motivation: Every Experience is a Gift

In this short video inspiration, I speak about the gift that is being given to you in each and every moment. Yes, even the seemingly sucky ones. Click link below to watch video.

Minute Motivation: Be Your Own Cheerleader

In today's video inspiration, I encourage you to be your own encourager! Click on link below to watch video.

Minute Motivation: How Do I Begin To Love Myself?

In this Minute Motivation video, I speak about the steps to take that can help you find your way back to loving you. Click link below to watch video.

1 Tip To Make Your Life Better

Either you break up with them or you don’t, you stay with your job or you don’t, or you exercise and eat right or you don’t. However, whatever decision you do make, you have to decide to be okay with that decision. Sitting around complaining about how unhappy you are with your weight, your job, or your relationship and not doing anything to change [...]

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Life

Today is your day! Today is the day you will stop doubting yourself. Today is the day you will stop blaming everyone & everything else for how your life looks. Today is the day you wake up to your life. Stop right where you are. I know exactly what you’re doing. Those uncomfortable feelings just came up inside of you trying to give you [...]

3 Easy Things You Can DO To Better the World

Every single one of us is fighting some sort of battle in our lives. Whether it’s with another person, within our own hearts, or just within a situation in our lives. Not one of us is any better or any worse than somebody else. With that said, I think if we all just offered one another some basic human kindness, there would be a [...]

You Matter

Let me say this and let me say this in a way that leaves no room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation...

Tips On Living More Courageously

It’s so funny how we sometimes hold on so tight to something, someone, or some idea out of fear that if we let go, we will somehow go without or be alone. The truth is, the longer we hold on to something, we start to grip even tighter and the only thing that ultimately does is push it away even further from us. I, [...]

Quiz – How Successful Are You?

I know for myself, that I have often based the idea of my success on what I have achieved in my career. That has been the number one cause of anxiety, stress, and honestly, just not feeling “good enough” at certain points in my life. We are raised in a society where one of the first things somebody asks us is, “What do you [...]

Find Your Life Purpose With 3 Simple Questions

Every single day, somebody either messages me or comments that they have no idea what their life purpose is. It's a pretty common worry amongst most people, especially these days with all the self-help books, gurus, and online inspirational posters out there all speaking about those 3 big, intimidating words – FINDING YOUR PURPOSE. The funny thing is, with all the pressure put on finding [...]

Minute Motivation: Enjoy the Ride

In this MINUTE MOTIVATION video, I speak about learning to navigate through the sometimes rocky waters. Click below to watch video

The Secret Reveal That Changed My Life

If I could pinpoint a moment where I knew that my life would never be the same, then this was it. I wrote this almost two years ago and it was one of the scariest things I've ever done and at the same time, the most freeing. It was the moment that I could say I no longer was bound to others opinions. It [...]

Change Your Life in 20 Seconds

Twenty  Twenty seconds of courage. That’s all it takes to change the course of your life. That is what the main character Benjamin Meen said in the movie “We Bought a Zoo.” I can’t stop smiling at that thought. I’ve thought about the times that I just threw my pride, fear, ego, and doubts aside and just put myself “out there” and was amazed [...]

What I Learned From Being Sexually Molested

I was sexually molested at the young age of seven. Every part of me knew that what was happening was wrong. In that moment, fear overtook me and at the same time, a calmness. I KNEW I would handle this and tell the right people. I KNEW he would have to pay for his actions. I also KNEW in that moment I had to [...]

1 Simple Tip on Moving Past Your Negative Thinking

Here’s the thing, friends - you’re going to have some bad days. You’re going to have some days where you want to crawl under a rock and hide for the day. It’s life. What you should try to understand, however, is that having not so great days is okay. Having feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, etc. is PERFECTLY normal. What is not okay, is [...]

Are You Blocking Your Success?

“I wish I could I travel around the world, but I don’t have the time or money.” “I would love to own my own hair salon, but I will never get a loan.” “I wish I could find a boyfriend, but I don’t trust men.” “I wish I could pursue my singing career, but I have no time because I’m working so much.” To [...]

Are You A People Pleaser

Do you ever feel that you are constantly trying to prove yourself over and over to someone? Do you feel they make you jump through hoops to show your love or prove your worthiness? Well, it is time to STOP! You are enough without having to do anything but be who you are. When you are surrounded with the right people, who you are [...]

How I Saved Somebody’s Life

I used to travel around the U.S. for a couple of years as a server trainer helping to open up our new locations of the restaurant. As with anything, there is always something more meaningful and deeper that I choose to do with every experience. I saw this traveling to different cities as an amazing way to meet new people and to spread some [...]

13 Tips To Living A Simpler Life

One of my deepest beliefs is that we often make life so much harder than it need be. We find ourselves making decisions based on things we've already complicated in our heads instead of just seeing the reality of it. We often convolute such simple things because we are viewing it from a perspective that is, often times, based on feelings of lack, anger, [...]

The Secret to Life

I have a secret. A secret that I’m willing to share if you’re willing to hear it. One that I’m willing to help you with if you’re willing to try. This tidbit of information could really set you free. It can finally let you off the hook of this lifelong search of yours. I’d dare to say that it’s the SECRET TO LIFE! Gasp! [...]

You Are Everything

A poem about who you truly are.

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13 Tips for A Joy Filled Life

There is so much in our lives that we don’t have control over but choosing to live with joy, well, that’s something that you choose to do. That is something that isn’t reliant on anything, anyone, or any circumstance.  Happiness to me, is based on the external. It’s waiting for something or someone to make you feel a certain way. When that doesn’t happen, suddenly [...]