The Courage to Live

It’s so interesting how we hold on so tight to something, someone, or some idea out of fear that if we let it or them go, we will somehow go without or be left alone. Today, I want to challenge you to summon up the courage that lies deep within you so that you ultimately can lead the life you know you are meant to.

The truth of the matter is, the longer we hold on to something, we start to grip it even tighter and the only thing that ultimately does is push it away even further from us.

I, myself, have held on to relationships, jobs, and pain a lot longer than I should have and every time I let go or am forced in some way to release it, I realize how much better I was without it. The thing is, we have to pay more attention to what our spirit is often telling us. Not our heads, but our souls. I believe we have to learn to honor that voice within and have faith in what it is telling us. The reason we so often do not listen to it is because of what’s going on in our heads – the mind chatter. The chatter that only speaks one language – FEAR. The chatter that wants to worry us into thinking about the “what if’s.” What would happen if we had to start again? What would happen if we quit this job and had to find a new one? What would happen if we left this relationship (that we knew wasn’t right) and we end up alone? What would happen if we finally let go of the pain we carried, then what would we be angry or hurt about?

We often get so comfortable in our uncomfortableness that we tend to do nothing. We get so secure in insecure situations, that we take no action. We become so used to how something feels, even if it’s not good for us, that we remain in that situation.

The reality is, if you want your life to change, you’re going to have to make choices that change it.

You’re going to have to release things that are holding you back. You’re going to have to step into the unknown and know that you will be okay. Before that relationship came along, before that job came along and before that anything came along, you were okay. And yes, you will be again. I know it might seem scary, but it’s a lot scarier to remain in a place of stagnation, unhappiness and just plain non-living. Friends, it is time to take that leap! It is time to stop accepting just average for yourself. It is time to stop thinking that this is all that you deserve or that the world is against you or that you’ll never be happy or you’ll always be struggling.

It is your time now.
Your time to make a different choice for yourself and your life.
It is time to start loving, honoring, and respecting YOU.

Is there something, someone, or some situation in your life that you are holding on to for dear life? Do you know deep inside that it is time to let go? I urge you to begin to let go. I promise you that no matter what happens, you will get through it and you’ll see what true freedom feels like!

It’s time to start LIVING!

With Love,

shari star

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