Fifteen Years – Making Sense of Tragedy

Fifteen years.

This never gets easier to speak about. The truth is, my heart aches today thinking about those lives lost. The truth is, I will never be able to truly make sense of what happened and yet, like anything in our lives, if we don’t learn from it, if we don’t try to make things better from a tragedy, then the events of that time, that day, all happen in vain.

So for me…

I choose to remember today, September 11th, as a day when all of us came together as ONE, as human beings and took care of one another no matter race, religion or sexual preference. I remember that day when the most courageous and some of the bravest people I know, our first responders, stepped up and literally stepped into the face of death to help their fellow humans beings. I choose to remember the amazing souls who went into work that day to do their regular jobs but became brave leaders and helped their co-workers down the hundreds of stairs to get out of those burning buildings. I remember the brave men and women on flight 93 who made a plan to take down that plane so it wouldn’t and couldn’t hurt anyone else.

What we saw that day was HUMANITY.
What we saw that day was LOVE.
What we saw that day was SPIRIT.

My prayer for today is that the unity we felt that day for another, we can carry it over every single day of our lives to everyone throughout this planet.Let love and kindness be your guides as you move through this world. Let the bravery, courage and love that showed itself that day remind you of the truth of who we are at our core.


God Bless all the lives lost that day, their loved ones and may YOU be blessed each and every day.

With Deep Love,

shari star

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