Find Your Life Purpose With 3 Simple Questions

Every single day, somebody either messages me or comments that they have no idea what their life purpose is. It’s a pretty common worry amongst most people, especially these days with all the self-help books, gurus, and online inspirational posters out there all speaking about those 3 big, intimidating words – FINDING YOUR PURPOSE.

The funny thing is, with all the pressure put on finding this big “thing”, we’ve lost sight of the joy that comes with the journey in discovering it. Even more than that, we lost sight of how with just the right questions, we can easily be led into finding what ‘seems’ to be elusive life purpose. So, let’s make this simple. The questions are below. Don’t think too hard about it. Don’t worry about if you think a career could be made out of it or if it doesn’t sound “big” or “important” enough. Not everyone is here to save the world. Some people are here to tweeze some damn good eyebrows and ask any woman, we need you!

So, without further adieu, grab a pen and some paper and write the answers to these 3 questions. Remember, don’t think so hard about this.

1. What makes you happy?

2. What stirs and excites your soul?

3. What would you want to do everyday if fear or self-doubt wasn’t standing in your way?

Now, whatever the answers to these questions are, find a way to do this so that others can benefit from it. You see, when you have discovered what it feels like to give back in some way, you’ll have discovered true purpose. My personal belief is that we are all here to serve in our own way and we’ve all been given unique gifts that can help others. Once you combine your passion with giving back, you will then know true fulfillment. You will have then discovered your Life Purpose.

In the comments below, I’d love to know if this triggered any thoughts within you? Remember, this is so much easier and simpler than we make it out to be, sometimes. Take the pressure off of yourself and just wake up each day and do what feels good in your soul.

With Love,

shari star

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