How To Face A Storm

Things aren’t perfect.

My relationship isn’t perfect. My job isn’t perfect. My health isn’t perfect. What’s perfect, however, is the fact that I’m okay with all of that. I mean, I get frustrated at times because, well, I’m human (gasp) but I quickly remember that life is constantly changing and growing and maybe instead of blaming the world or my partner or cursing God or whatever it is that I used to do, I can just choose in that moment to do something about it. If I want my relationship stronger or more passionate, then perhaps instead of complaining about it to my partner, I can make the change. I can try to amp up the passion or I can try to enjoy my job more or I can try to eat better. There’s always a way to make things better or at least remember that we ultimately are in control of the way we feel and the way our lives look.

Will there always be challenges?

Absolutely! But, we don’t have to choose to suffer through those challenges. We don’t have to make it worse by useless complaining, or partaking in behavior that just makes it worse, or even giving up. We can accept that life is always going to have a few bumps along the road and we can just choose to saddle up a little tighter and be ready for the adventure! We can choose to go out in the world not ready for a storm, but all packed up with an umbrella in case one unexpectedly comes. Hell, even if we had an umbrella, we can still choose to put our heads up towards the sky, stick our tongues out, and enjoy the rainfall knowing that when it clears, we can keep on moving refreshed and ready to go! You see, the reason why these supposed obstacles come about in our lives is because they are actually opportunities for us to rediscover who we are, what we truly want, and how strong and resilient we truly are. Even if in the moment you don’t feel that way, at some point you will and at some point you’ll make a decision for things to be different.

Until that some point arrives…

Go easy on yourself. Forgive yourself. Be honest with yourself and most importantly, learn to trust yourself. And hell, when that rainstorm approaches, tilt your head back, stick that tongue out, roll those pants up and dance like you’ve never danced before!

With Love,

shari star



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