I’m A Failure

You’ve been hurt, betrayed and disappointed. You’ve shown up to life and yet it seems that you’ve been knocked down over and over again. You swear to yourself that this is it! You’re done loving and you’re done trying. “I’m just a failure”, you tell yourself.

Let me tell you something about failure. 

Failure is a word for those who don’t show up to life. Failure is a word that describes someone who refuses to get into the arena and actually play. You, my friend, are courageous. You have opened up yourself and your heart to love. You have let the world see your soul. What makes you tick. You have been vulnerable, brave and beautiful. You have put yourself out there to go after a dream. You have fought, you have risked and you have dared.

There is nothing about you that is a failure.

With Love & Respect,

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