1 Tip To Make Your Life Better

Either you break up with them or you don’t, you stay with your job or you don’t, or you exercise and eat right or you don’t. However, whatever decision you do make, you have to decide to be okay with that decision. Sitting around complaining about how unhappy you are with your weight, your job, or your relationship and not doing anything to change them, certainly isn’t helping the situation at all. If anything, all you are doing is adding more unhappiness and stress in your life, not to mention probably annoying the people in your life that are tired of hearing you complain. No matter what the reason is that you are choosing to make or not make that decision, you have to come to peace with it or else you are going to invite more chaos and negativity into your life with the energy that you are putting out there. Now granted, you might be in a situation where you are not able to change your situation right at the present moment because of certain circumstances that won’t allow you to, but it is imperative that you then come to peace with it, accepting and acknowledging that there are things and lessons to be learned while you are currently in your situation.

There is so much coming at you every single day from all different directions that are outside of your control, so why would you make things harder on yourself by making choices that ultimately aren’t in your best interest? And then, on top of that, beating yourself up over the choices you’ve made. Things in this life aren’t always going to be in your control but your happiness is! Your journey here isn’t always going to be smooth sailing because life doesn’t work that way, however, you can make choices and decisions that make things just a bit easier on you. Choices that make you wake up excited to start your day. Choices that allow you to close your eyes at night knowing that all is well. Choices that at the end of your life, you can look back at and really know that you lived a life you are proud of.

You might look out and see that you don’t have your dream job right now and you might not have the exact body you want, but you better damn make sure that you are doing everything in your power to work towards the life you so vividly dream of! Your time here is so limited and it should be filled with things and choices that make you feel good! So no more complaining about what you can or can’t have. Either do it or don’t, but know that the choice is always YOURS.

So what are some of the things in your life that you can’t or won’t change and that you are ready to come to peace with? Are there some things in your life that you know you want to and can change that you can commit to start working on? What one thing can you do today that will guide you in a forward direction towards a goal that you really desire? Starting now, take those steps! If you take just one step everyday in the direction of your dreams, before you know it, you’ll be standing right in the midst of them! Go ahead. It’s time to get moving.

With Love,

shari star




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