Are You A People Pleaser

Do you ever feel that you are constantly trying to prove yourself over and over to someone? Do you feel they make you jump through hoops to show your love or prove your worthiness? Well, it is time to STOP! You are enough without having to do anything but be who you are. When you are surrounded with the right people, who you are is simply enough. Your beauty, your humor, your kindness, your sincerity, your love, and your light is enough! You don’t have to constantly do for someone else to show them that you are worthy of being loved. When others make you feel that you have to do that, that usually is because they are lacking their own fulfillment. They don’t possess the eyes to see that who you are is beautiful just as you are. They can’t see it because they don’t see it for themselves.

With that said, one of the many reasons we allow ourselves to be the circus act, juggling and doing whatever someone says, is because we don’t feel that we are enough just as we are. When you know your own worthiness, you will attract others who know it as well. When you feel whole within yourself, you will meet other whole people. When you know who you are and you know what you stand for, then you don’t worry about trying to change others into what you want them to be. You have the confidence to know that who you are looking for is already out there walking in their own beautiful perfection. When you have learned to accept your worth, it is a lot easier to let go of those in your life who don’t see yours. When you have learned to accept your own worth, you don’t spend unnecessary time trying to change someone else into what you want them to be because you know that who you want is out there waiting to be with exactly who YOU are.

If any of this resonates within you, then it is time to accept and acknowledge your worth! It is time to know that you are enough simply because you are. You no longer  have to say “yes” when you really mean “no”, just so people might like you. The truth is, no matter what you do, those kind of people still will take issue with you. If there are people in your life that can’t recognize your worth, then it might be time to reevaluate whether they are worthy to be in YOUR life. Letting go of those that aren’t appreciating who you are, isn’t about being selfish, but rather about loving yourself enough to know what you deserve. My greatest hope is that you know that you DO deserve LOVE.

Do you find yourself saying “yes” when you really mean no? What do you believe is keeping you from saying and doing what you really mean? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below and let’s see if we can get you back on the road to YOU.

With Love,

shari star


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