Standing on the Edge of the New Year

As the new year approaches, I know a lot of people start getting worked up over what they “think” the new year has to be for them. What they “think” they need. As somebody who didn’t make any specific resolutions last year EXCEPT to wake up everyday and do and give my best, surround myself with good people, go after whatever it is that I want, and to do the things that simply make me smile, I would say that my year was a success! Were there difficult moments? Absolutely! Were there some stressful times? Definitely! Were there moments of sadness? Sure! This is life and life is not always going to show up as a Hollywood movie neatly packaged and tied in a pretty bow for you. But if you know and believe that all that comes to you is FOR you, you learn how to navigate the waters a bit better. You know when you see yourself heading straight for that drop, that perhaps you should paddle in another direction. You begin to learn that sometimes that huge log coming right at you is not meant to hinder you but rather help you. You learn to grab onto it instead of swim away from it. And eventually, you’ll learn that you don’t have to try to swim against the current. Eventually, when you learn to trust yourself a bit more, you can lay back, look up at the sky and enjoy the ride!

You see, when you decide that you’re done fighting and you’re done believing that the world is against you, you start to see every “obstacle” as an opportunity. An opportunity for you to find out how resilient you are, how strong, and just simply how equipped you are to take on anything! You find out that when you look at your life as beautiful moments of LIVING being gifted to you, you can begin to appreciate all the highs AND the lows. For those lows are really what end up propelling you to do greater things and be a greater person!

As the new year approaches, don’t be so hard on yourself. Promise yourself that you will do your best everyday and on the days that you fall short of your best, you forgive yourself and try again. There is no place that you HAVE to be or anything you HAVE to do. You are loved exactly as you are simply for BEING. This life is so much more beautiful and simpler when we stop having expectations of how things should be and just allow them to be.

If you take the time to go back through your 2014 (I made a list of my year that I posted) no matter how you perceive it to have been, I bet that you will find so many ways that you’ve grown, so many blessings that came your way, and so many beautiful moments where you simply laughed! That is LIVING and nobody and no thing can ever define what that is for you! <3

Thankful always in all ways,

shari star


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