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5 Ways to Experience Joy!

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Love Yourself Happy (Autographed)
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Empowered with a Renewed Sense of Purpose

I was diagnosed with a rare condition that restricts me from leaving my home and I had never felt so lost and unsure of myself and my future. I thought I had reached my fullest potential so to speak, but thanks to Shari and the techniques she has taught me, I feel empowered with a renewed sense of purpose. Shari helped rekindle my gratitude for life, reignited my passion for writing, and really deepened the love and acceptance of myself.

portrait of Jenny
Jenny Tasker

Live the life you dream of

Shari gave me the tools I needed when I was down to rebuild my self- confidence, self- respect, courage and overall greatness to conquer my fears and obstacles. This doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen unless you put the work in. That’s what Shari is there for. Shari will change your life and you will start to live the life you dream of.

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Tarriss Saurer

Bringing out the best in people

Shari brings out the best of people. Working with Shari was the best decision ever. It opened the doors for me to show up as my authentic self more than ever and helped me grow as human being till this day. Thank you, Shari, for sharing your wisdom and keeping my body, mind and soul in balance! She has motivated me to spread my love wings and to share the best version of myself.

Portrait of Jessica
Jessica Klosa

Shari Alyse

Co-Founder of the www.TheWellnessUniverse.com, Inspirational Speaker, Author and Vlogger

I want to inspire you daily! To live a life of positivity, you have to start thinking differently! I want to put the light back into your eyes. I want you to know how beautiful, powerful, graceful, wonderful, amazing, intelligent and unique you are to all the world and I want you to know that you are here on PURPOSE. I want you to know that you don’t have to live a life of mediocrity. Any negative stories you've told yourself in the past are just that, stories. You can change those around just as easily and have your stories have happy endings. No matter your circumstances, your past experiences, your present life, NOTHING is permanent and all can be changed with the beginning of a thought. A thought of your magnificence. A thought of your life having purpose and meaning. NONE of us are an accident. I matter. You matter. Now let's make your life matter!

I hope you enjoy this page and please feel free to share in the light by posting anything positive that inspires you and just makes you smile!

Please be sure to check out these links where all my inspirational videos are!

I have a book as well! Details below!

Looking forward to SHARIng love with you all!

All my LOVE,
Shari Alyse

-changing the world one smile at a time-

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Here is the link to my book, "The Little Book of SOUL HUGS".


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Shari Alyse

Shari Alyse

What's better than gifting someone you love with something that makes them feel inspired, happy and motivated? Doing it EVERY SINGLE MONTH of 2020! That's what happens when you order this today! 12 self-care & love inspiring video messages that will bring a smile to those you love all of next year! You can order this for yourself too!

The 1 gift that keeps on giving again and again and again and again and again...(you get the picture). 😉

Order your cheer here: https://sharialyse.com/product/12-inspirational-themed-video-messages/

Shari Alyse

Shari Alyse

In this article, #WUWorldChanger Stephanie Benedetto Padovani shares a list of 5 different ways we can begin to cultivate self-awareness into our lives. ❤️

Shari Alyse

Shari Alyse

Guess what book made this list?! So excited that Love Yourself Happy was recognized! You can grab it now on Amazon or get a signed copy via my website.

Thanks Cyrus Webb and #conversationsbookclub !

Shari Alyse

Shari Alyse

Overachiever? Perfectionist? People Pleaser? Does your life look good on paper and yet you still find yourself unhappy, unfulfilled and discontent?

No matter what you do and what you achieve, you still feel like there is something off and you can’t pinpoint it. Or maybe you already know that you’re just not happy with yourself.

Wherever you are on your journey, you’re ready to change it! You know there is more for you and you’re tired of chasing those shiny objects. 👀💫

✔️ Self care.
✔️ Self expression.
✔️ Self honor.
✔️ Self respect.
✔️ Self compassion.

These are just a few of the facets of self love we will cover in my 10 week course.

You don’t just wake up one day ready to run a marathon. You have to train. Work those muscles. We will strengthen all your self love muscles so you will finally know and recognize your value and worth.

It’s time to ‘Love Yourself Happy’ and I’m taking my personal 1:1 coaching and creating a 10 week online course!

⭐️Today is the last day to save $100!⭐️
Only $397 for 10 weeks! (Reg $497)

Claim your spot now in this program.
👉 https://lnkd.in/gkAJsvV


The relationship you have with yourself will change everything!

It’s time to learn to Love YOURSELF Happy!


10 week online course!

- Weekly exercises
- Journaling prompts
- Meditations
- 10 weekly video training modules
- 3 LIVE on-camera calls
- Private Facebook group to connect with other students
- Digital copy of my best-seller, Love Yourself Happy
- Lifetime access to the program content & recordings

Shari Alyse

Shari Alyse

Are you showing people how you deserve to be loved?

Shari Alyse

Shari Alyse

Hello City of Angels! If you're in the local area, I would love to meet you at Barnes & Noble Burbank next Saturday, 12/14 from 1-3pm at my book signing for 'Love Yourself Happy'! I will be doing a reading from the book and speaking about some self-love practices that have helped me and so many of my clients. Come for an afternoon of connection and inspiration and leave with a soul hug.

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5 Ways to Experience Joy!