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Love Yourself Happy: A Journey Back to You

Speaker, Author, Self-Love Coach.

You’ve dotted your I’s and crossed your T’s, checked all the boxes to success, but you’re still not happy. You’re lacking joy and can’t seem to find that damn inner peace you’ve been seeking.
I, too, was once under the belief that achievements & success = happiness.

It’s my mission to help driven individuals, YOU, reawaken to your joy by discovering your WHOLE self – your truth, your beauty, your magnificence, and your brilliance!


Shari’s energy and commitment to her audience is unparalleled.
If you’re looking to learn, grow, and laugh, Shari is the perfect keynote speaker for you.”

- Bert Oliva, Leadership Expert & International Orator

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My goal when speaking is to leave your audience feeling empowered, confident, and inspired to give their best and be their best, from this point moving forward.

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Inspire your audience to action

The best advice comes from a friend – someone who knows you, and knows what you’re experiencing.

Welcome to my YouTube Channel. This is what I wish I would have been told while I was going through my journey.

Over 1k subscribers, 2 million views, and 100+ video lessons available – see why Shari’s light-hearted and engaging personality inspires you to become the person you know you want to become.

Work with me, one-on-one

Calling all perfectionists, overachievers, people pleasers, caretakers, peacemakers:

You are a badass. You run corporations and households and demanding positions of responsibility, but when it comes to caring for yourself, you run from the fire. Instead, I help you run towards it.

I help you to meet yourself. Let’s uncover YOU. No B.S. No time wasted. No excuses. This is the first step. It’s time to love YOU.


Love for your life, love for your journey,
And most importantly, love for YOU.


Love Yourself Happy is one woman’s journey through sexual abuse, growing up in a broken home, unhealthy relationships with others, her body and herself. Through broken hearts, wild nights of partying, spirituality lost and found, sit shotgun on her road trip as she takes off into the world in hopes of forgetting her past. Only to come face-to-face with the one person she was running from all along – hers.


Meet Shari

Shari is an Author, Speaker, and a Self-Love Coach. Shari’s first book “The Little Book of SOUL HUGS” became a pocket-sized cheerleader to many, and opened the doors to her career as a writer. After a life-changing three-month solo journey to Italy, Shari wrote her most recent book, “Love Yourself Happy: A Journey Back to You.” It is now an international best seller.

Today, Shari is an International Motivational Speaker, known as The Joy Magnet. Through her experiences with relationships, loss, sexual abuse, self-exploration, and self-discovery, she has learned to overcome her blocks and become the woman she is today.

Now, her mission is to help others find their own light, and set themselves free as well.