Inspirational Speaker,
Best-Selling Author, TV personality & Joy Guide

Travel junkie, nature lover, and an outgoing introvert which basically means I won’t stop talking once you first start the conversation. 

I love topping off a healthy meal with chocolate chip cookies. It’s all about balance, baby!



I once believed that who I was wasn’t enough. To be clear, I went vegetarian for a year just to impress a guy and all I wanted the entire time was a damn Big Mac. 

I once believed that I had to use my ‘inside’ voice because when I spoke up, people would be hurt. I came to believe that I needed people’s approval in order to feel worthy and that rocking the boat wasn’t what ‘nice’ people did. 

But then shit fell apart and I realized that being ‘nice’ and trying to not rock the boat caused more internal chaos than anything else. 

I got tired. It’s a lot of work trying to be everything to everyone. Once I figured that out, I starting discovering an inner world that knocked my socks off and my ‘outside’ voice was unleashed!

My passion in life is helping you see and be the real YOU! Not the limited, have-to-prove-yourself, not-good-enough you that you’ve been taught to believe. But the badass, always-good-enough, powerful, and beautiful YOU that you are.

This inner world exploration has led me from pursuing a career as an actress portraying others to becoming a sought-after global speaker being ME.

My passion for reconnecting you back to your joy has led me to:

My experiences with relationships, loss, sexual abuse, and self-exploration, coupled with my entrepreneurial development and communication practices has lead to my career in guiding others through their own transformative process.

Today, my passion is in my work as a professional speaker and TV personality known as America’s Joy Magnet

Sometimes, life throws you tough shit.

It’s messy. Between childhood sexual abuse and other traumas, I’ve experienced my fair share of struggles. What I’ve learned is this – the only way out is through. It’s facing your shit. It’s the willingness to stop the busyness, stop distracting, stop numbing out, and yes, even stop the pursuit of accomplishment so you can begin to FEEL.

Choosing to go through it rather than run from it, I learned how to cultivate a nurturing and safe inner world, giving me permission for my ‘stuff’ to make its way to the surface and to begin the healing process. 

Now, I no longer feel the need to run. I’m willing to excavate and see what shows up.

Now, I know that when tough stuff arises, it’s all there to show me what still needs to be healed.

Now, I’ve made peace with where I’ve been, what I’ve needed to experience, and how all of it has helped shaped me into who I am today.

I no longer worry about ‘rocking the boat’ because I’ve come to see that the world needs my voice and it needs yours, too. It needs you to stop hiding from your truth and to show up exactly as who you are. You have the power to change your life and live a life beyond your wildest imagination and I’m so excited to show you the way. 

Are you ready to rock the boat? 

What are you waiting for? Grab your deck shoes and connect with me now. 

Looking forward to our adventure together,