Let's face it. Life can feel messy at times. 


Filled with heartbreak, heartache, disappointments, and letdowns. It’s also filled with makeups, breakthroughs, beautiful surprises and joy. This book isn’t about glossing over the hard moments or telling you to look on the bright side or some other glass half-full sentiment. The journey is messy, the road is bumpy and that’s what this is about. An on-the-surface-not-so-pretty journey, but one filled with breathtakingly beautiful truths that will surprise and astonish you, and even in the most challenging of moments, will have you tilt your head back up to the sky, curl the corners of your mouth up and say ‘THANK YOU.’


Love Yourself Happy is one woman’s journey through sexual abuse, growing up in a broken home, unhealthy relationships with others, her body and herself. Through broken hearts, wild nights of partying, spirituality lost and found, and a three-month whirlwind solo trip to Italy, you get to sit shotgun on her road trip as she takes off into the world in hopes of forgetting her past. Only to come face-to-face with the one person she was running from all along – herself.


This book is about love. Love for your life, love for your journey and most importantly, love for YOU.
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