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Affirmation Wk of 2/24/20 – 3/1/20

What Exactly is an Affirmation? According to the English American […]

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Red Nails

It’s been a rough one. A beautiful one. One filled with love, heartbreak, longing, feeling lost, feeling found, moments of confusion and great revelations. I’m at Starbucks. It’s raining outside which is super rare in LA, but I decided to come here because I need to be surrounded by life. Headphones [...]

Crawling into 2017

I’m not ready. There, I said it. As we are on the cusp of the new year, I realize that I don’t feel ready yet. I feel like I’m hiding behind and holding onto the legs of 2016 and being nudged (shoved) forward into the 2017. These past few months have [...]

Fifteen Years – Making Sense of Tragedy

Fifteen years. This never gets easier to speak about. The truth is, my heart aches today thinking about those lives lost. The truth is, I will never be able to truly make sense of what happened and yet, like anything in our lives, if we don't learn from it, if we [...]

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Tips on How to Live Your Greatest Life

Stop hiding. Stop playing small. Stop thinking that you aren't good enough to show up in this world. You were born and that is reason enough to stand out.

You Are Enough

You are enough. Who you are, right in this very moment is beautiful. Don't ever feel that by being vulnerable that you are any less than. What makes you beautiful is your truth, your honesty, and your willingness to be seen as who you are. You are seen. You are appreciated. [...]